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"Top 10 Folk Record of The Decade"
- Scott Alarik, Boston Globe

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Give Yourself To Love
Released 1983
Double album recorded live! Accompanied by long-time band members Nina Gerber and Ford James, Kate produced this album to accurately reflect her concerts. Awarded 1983 Best Folk Album by NAIRD. Recorded at The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco; The Veteran's Memorial Building, Davis; the American Victorian Museum, Nevada City.

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  Give Yourself To Love
  Desert Wind
  Peaceful Easy Feeling (Jack Tempchin)
  The Ballad Of Weaverville (Jim Ringer & Mary McCaslin)
  Green Eyes
  Hurry Home
  You're Not Standing Like You Used To
  The Hobo (Hugh Shacklett)
  Some Kind Of Love (John Stewart)
  Who Knows Where The Time Goes (Sandy Denny)
  Cornflower Blue
  Picture Puzzle
  Far-Off Shore
  Agent Orange (Muriel Hogan)
  These Times We're Living In
  Sweet Companion (John McNicholas)
  Medicine Wheel
 /   Pacheco/The Redtail Hawk (Robin Williamson/George Schroder)
  Friend Of Mine
All songs written by Kate Wolf except as noted. Friend Of Mine: words by Kate Wolf; music by Kate Wolf, Nina Gerber, and Ford James. All songs written by Kate Wolf, as well as The Hobo, are published by Another Sundown Publishing Co. (BMI).

In memory of songwriter Stan Rogers - the flame is out but the light burns on.

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