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Gold In California
A Retrospective of Recordings 1975-1985
Released 1986
This double album is a retrospective of Kate's studio recordings featuring many of her favorites. When Kate became ill, she began compiling this collection and finished it just before she became unable to work. Kate selected all the songs and photographs, and wrote the notes for the cover. Unfortunately, her passing came a month before the album's release. NAIRD Best Folk Album of 1987.


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  Full Time Woman (Alice Stuart)
  She Rises Like The Dolphin
  Like A River
  Telluride (David West & Cyrus Clark)
  Muddy Roads
  Across The Great Divide
  The Lilac And The Apple
  Unfinished Life
  Early Morning Melody
  Safe At Anchor
  The Redtail Hawk (George Schroder)
  The Sun Is Burning (Ian Campbell)
  Brother Warrior
  Two-Way Waltz
  Eyes Of A Painter
  Emma Rose
  Here In California
  Poet's Heart
  Carolina Pines
  The Trumpet Vine
All songs written by Kate Wolf are published by Another Sundown Publishing Co. (BMI).
The songs on this record have been previously released except for Full Time Woman.

Liner Notes
Dedicated to all who have listened and made this music their own.
Deepest thanks to the nursing staff of the bone marrow transplant unit at UCSF, and to Wavy, Kathie, Lutie, Colleen, Barbara and my children, Max & Hannah, for emotional support.

I, like you,
love love, life, the sweet enchantment
of things, the celestial blue
countryside on January days.

But my blood boils
And I laugh with the eyes
That have known tears.

by Roque Dalton
(Poet from El Salvador)

January 27, 1942 - December 10, 1986 When Kate became ill with leukemia, she realized she would not record again for a long time, if ever. She began this retrospective project and finished it just before she became unable to work. Kate selected all the songs, the sequence and the photographs, and she wrote the notes for the cover.
This album is dedicated to the memory of Kate Wolf. We will all miss her.


Kate Wolf vocals, guitar, piano
Bill Amatneek acoustic bass, electric bass
Darol Anger violin
Norton Buffalo harmonica
Don Coffin harmonica, guitar, mandolin, harmony vocal
Paul Ellis fiddle
Nina Gerber guitar, harmony vocal, mandolin
Bill Griffin bass, guitar, mandolin, piano, mandocaster, harmony vocal
Ford James electric bass, harmony vocal
Daniel Jones pedal steel guitar
David Keif acoustic bass
Tom Lackner drums & percussion
Tom Lee acoustic bass
Jim Nail accordion
Todd Phillips acoustic bass
Tony Rice harmony vocal, guitar
Dan Rubin violin
Peter Siegel pedal steel guitar
Will Siegel dobro
Alan Thornhill guitar, harmony vocal
Beth Weil harmony vocal
David West guitar
Pete Wiseman acoustic bass
Martin Young guitar

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