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Kate Wolf Recordings

All of Kate's original Kaleidoscope albums have been re-released on Rhino RecordsFlat Rock Records also has an album of Kate's music.  You'll find these and other performances listed in the Discography.  
Kate Wolf's family comments on the album called Breezes.
A note about an album called Daisy Pedals On My Head.

blt_cd.gif (1117 bytes) 2000 Weaver Of Visions - The Kate Wolf Anthology
blt_cd.gif (1117 bytes) 1996 Carry It On
blt_cd.gif (1117 bytes) 1994 Looking Back At You
blt_cd.gif (1117 bytes) 1989 An Evening In Austin
blt_cd.gif (1117 bytes) 1989 The Wind Blows Wild
blt_cd.gif (1117 bytes) 1986 Gold In California - A Retrospective Of Recordings
blt_cd.gif (1117 bytes) 1985 Poet's Heart
blt_cd.gif (1117 bytes) 1983 Give Yourself To Love
blt_cd.gif (1117 bytes) 1981 Close To You
blt_cd.gif (1117 bytes) 1979 Safe At Anchor
blt_cd.gif (1117 bytes) 1977 Lines On The Paper
blt_cd.gif (1117 bytes) 1976 Back Roads
Albums Of Kate Wolf Music (not featuring Kate Wolf)
blt_cd.gif (1117 bytes) 1998 Treasures Left Behind: Remembering Kate Wolf
A Tribute Album Produced By Nina Gerber
blt_cd.gif (1117 bytes) 1997 A Kate Wolf Retrospective
1996 Kate Wolf Festival Recording

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