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The Wind Blows Wild
Released 1989

Compiled by Kate's long-time musical associate, Nina Gerber, this album spans a wide range of time and music. The title song is the last song that Kate recorded (1986). Here are both live and studio performances all radiating the heartfelt magic of Kate Wolf.

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  Old Jerome
  Statues Made Of Clay
  Monday In The Mountains
  Laugh Like That
  Rising Of The Moon
  Streets Of Calgary
  Fly Away
  The Wind Blows Wild
  Clearing In The Forest (Utah Phillips)
  Give Yourself To Love (studio version)
All songs written by Kate Wolf and published by Another Sundown Publishing Co. (BMI) except as noted.

Liner Notes
I first saw Kate perform in 1975 at a pizza parlor in Sebastopol, California. My brother told me I should hear this woman sing, that she was really good. That was the understatement of the century! Kate's soulfulness and music really went straight to my heart that evening and has remained there ever since.

After hearing Kate for the first time it became crystal clear to me that I had to become a musician, and my number one goal was to be in Kate Wolf's band. So I began my music career by taking lessons from Don Coffin (who was in Kate's band The Wildwood Flower), performing around Sonoma County with my brother Scott, and being the most dedicated Kate Wolf groupie around.

In 1977, I began touring and recording with Kate. I also began nine years of the most intense, wonderful, educational and exciting years of my life. Whether performing for thousands of people, or jamming in a living room, riding horses in the Telluride mountains or getting lost in the desert in 110 degrees, having heart to heart talks or getting fired from the band, there was always something to be learned from Kate.

Kate was my inspiration, teacher, travelling and musical companion, and a friend. She taught me to open up my "heart to the tears and laughter..." and believe me, there was plenty of both.
Her soulfulness and her musical is still, and will always be, in my heart.

Nina Gerber
October 4, 1988

Kate Wolf   guitar, vocals
David Balakrishnan   violin
Rick Byars   harmony vocal
Mansel Davies   guitar
Nina Gerber   guitar, harmony vocal, mandolin, harmonica
Lorin Grean   harmony vocal
Bill Griffin   guitar, mandolin, piano
Ford James   electric bass, harmony vocal
David Keif   acoustic bass
Robin Sylvester   electric bass
Alan Thornhill   guitar
Beth Weil   harmony vocal

Collection Produced & Compiled by Nina Gerber
Cover Photo by Karl Metzenberg
Design & Phototinting by Beth Weil
Special Thanks to Les Siemienuik, Tony Ferro, Robbie Osman, Lee Brenkman and the Great American Music Hall, The Freight & Salvage, and all the organizations and musicians who worked on this record.

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