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Kate Wolf
Poet's Heart

Weekend Magazine

February 21, 1986
San Francisco's Wolf sings with an unhurried sureness that indicates a keen understanding of life's tolls as well as its rewards. Her songwriting patiently sketches in characters, landscapes and leisurely melodies without ever forcing anything. As the elements in her songs slowly drop into place, they give a reassuring sense of acceptance without submission.

Her new album contains nine new original songs. Sometimes her lyrics get a bit vague and overly wholesome, but at their best they encapsulate a whole life in the image of a deserted house, a jewelry box or a handsewn pillow. The relaxed, restrained string-band arrangements are perfect for the reflective ballads. The two standout songs are "Slender Thread" and "In China or a Woman's Heart," each of which traces the history of a marriage with remarkable completeness.

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