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Kate Wolf
Treasures Left Behind: Remembering Kate Wolf
A Tribute Album

Produced by Nina Gerber    Released 1998
Red House Records

Feedback from Kate Wolf Fans:

In the midst of a storm of needless and inept tribute albums, this seems to set a new standard: beautiful performances in themselves and yet they make one need to go back to hear the original--and better-performances by Kate herself. -David 2/99

I just received Treasures Left Behind. It's great to hear other artists sing your Mom's songs but no one, no one, can match her voice. -Bill 1/99

First-rate tribute Nina Gerber has assembled an all-star cast to pay tribute to one of folk music's icons, Kate Wolf. With understated elegance, this cast captures the beauty and magic of Wolf's songwriting. Two of the many highlights are Lucinda Williams on "Here in California" and Emmylou Harris on "Love Still Remains."   -anon 9/98

Great! This album is a moving, loving tribute to one of folk music's most influential artists. Nina Gerber's efforts, both in producing the piece and in her outstanding guitar work on many tracks, reflect her love and for her friend and mentor, Kate Wolf, and the artists do great justice to each piece. This CD is one that should be in everyone's collection. Outstanding work, Nina! -anon 9/98

A "must have" for your folk collection.... This is a wonderful collection of Kate's music, performed by the best artists around; a true labor of love. Great job, Nina. -anon 8/98

Just got "remembering" for Christmas and it is beautiful. I was introduced to Kate's music through a friend who is a singer songwriter in her own right. She sang "Give Yourself To Love" as a gift to us at our wedding and everyone was so moved that we wanted to have more of Kate's music. My husband searched the web and found this wonderful CD for me for a gift. I would love to see Kathy's version of the song get some air play to bring attention to Kate's music and legacy. Is it going to be released as a single or on her own record? Thanks for putting together such a beautiful tribute. A new fan,  -Terry 1/99

I bought the Red House production of the tribute album, and as a hard of hearing listener who depends upon printed lyrics to understand the music, I was dismayed to find that the lyrics were not included...I would love to be able to get the lyrics (I use a hearing aid, but as a lipreader I depend upon visual cues to make sense of what I'm hearing, hence the need for printed lyrics). Would it be possible for me to only order and buy the lyric sheet? -Kristen 1/99
We'd be happy to send the printed lyrics to anyone.  Just send $1 to Owl at PO Box 151208, San Rafael, CA 94915.

I am currently listening to "Treasures Left Behind," and it's a very moving experience to hear her music performed by authentic people who love/loved her.  I especially love Rosalie Sorrel's rendition of In China Or A Woman's Heart.   What a beautiful job.  And Emmylou Harris singing Love Still Remains... wow... Thank you for continuing to share her with us.  -Bunny 10/98

I don't know who I'm writing to, but I imagine you're connected to the folks who put out remembering Kate Wolf, which I just got. So, I want to express my deep thanks and appreciation to you - it's stunning, gorgeous, beautiful - just wonderful.  -David 9/98

"Treasures Left Behind" is a wonderful tribute--keep up the great work. -Brian 9/98

The CD is one of the BEST I have ever heard...short of Kate's own stuff... Nina did an outstanding job on it.... -Gary 9/98

Kate Wolf was a friend of mine. I first met her at the Philadelphia Folk Festival in 1977. We'd hang out when our paths crossed on the folk circuit and we exchanged the occasional card, letter or phone call. Her only trip to Montreal was to play a magical concert at the Golem, the folk club that I used to run. Kate was on one of her last tours before she was diagnosed with leukemia. Kate passed away in 1986 at only 44. Her music will always remain very special to me. "Treasures Left Behind" is a beautiful and loving tribute to Kate put together by Nina Gerber, her long-time accompanist. -Mike 8/98

I just received "Treasures Left Behind" - remembering Kate Wolf.
Besides stopping me in my tracks with memories and emotion, I was very touched by having a picture I took included in the liner notes booklet. Means a lot to me. Please pass on to whomever my appreciation for the project.
Now back to some personal listening and omnidirectional time travel.
In deepest respect --Lloyd 8/98

My wife and I (back then we were boyfriend and girlfriend) went to many of Kate's concerts in the Berkeley area when we were in graduate school in the early 80's. We loved her music, we loved her presence on stage with Nina and we miss her a great deal. I couldn't play her music for about a year after she dies; it was simply too painful. But now, it has regained it's beauty and sincerity so that I can enjoy it again. I just received the tribute album - it's terrific. Please thank Nina for putting it together. -John 8/98

I am listening to "treasures left behind: remembering Kate Wolf and love listening to her songs and the voices of her friends. "Give Yourself to Love" is one of my favorite songs, I am always singing it to myself. -Andrea 8/98

...Wonderful web site...I was happy to attend the Rosalie Sorrels benefit in Watsonville a couple of weeks ago & finally picked up the new CD......It is fine work & as a longtime fan, native Marinite/N.Calif. ,who used to tape record K.W. music to share with friends around the world....now.......I can pass on a website address, although this CD is on its way to New Zealand.... Websites, such as these , "makes" me keep a computer in my home.....Many thanks for all of your efforts, & congratulations on this fine CD. -Joanne 8/98

I am so impressed with the CD Treasures Left Behind that I would like to purchase six more copies. My plan is to give them to our local radio station, WUMB, one to play, and five to give away to listeners. WUMB is an all-folk all-day format FM station, perhaps unique in the business, and very popular in Boston. -Fred 7/98

I ordered and have already received my copy of "Treasures Left Behind". I was tremendously moved to hear my favorite music reinterpreted in so many beautiful ways. This was a GOOD IDEA. I think additional releases from time to time would go far in disseminating these great songs, and would enrich the music experience of anyone who has not heard them. -Fred 7/98

Treasures left behind is a beautiful tribute, and I was lucky enough to get it from Red House a week or two before it became available elsewhere. I love the "unit" (Greg Brown's term) and have purchased two extra copies as gifts. Nina Gerber should be very proud and pleased with the performances by all the fine artists who participated.
Thanks for keeping Kate's music so alive. We can all use some Kate influence on a daily basis.  -Lisa 7/98

It was a real treat to get this CD this week as well!!!!!  I don't think you'll be disappointed in it!  Eric Bogle's "Cornflower Blue" was a real standout...but they're all great!  -Richard 7/98

Well, the guy in the blue shorts dropped off the soon to be released Nina Gerber tribute to Kate Wolf--"Treasures Left Behind."
It's terrific. But it's strange hearing songs with which I'm so familiar being sung by other people. Rosalie Sorrels version of "In China or a Woman's Hear is fabulous but so different from Kate's.
It's a great lineup--Emmylou, Eric Bogle, Nancy Griffith, Terry Garthwaite, Kathy Mattea, Lucinda Williams, Utah Phillips and others. And Kate's beautiful songs really hold up.
I thought it was great deal for $17. Talked to Kate's son Max when I ordered it and he said it would probably be in the record stores next month. If you're like me and couldn't wait--you can go to Kate's website: www.katewolf.com. -Joel 7/98

An outstanding recording. -Laura 7/98

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