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Kate Wolf
An Evening In Austin

Concert Video
With Nina Gerber, Ford James, and Randy Sabien

An Evening In Austin
Video Review

Folk Roots
By Tony May

What's left to say about Kate and her music? We've exhausted our descriptive powers, sought for new ways to express ourselves, to describe perfection, and have fallen back on our hearts, and her untimely passing ranks alongside Kennedy's assassination in our personal 'Where were you...?' diary. It's incredible to appreciate just how many fans who had never encountered her personally felt deep grief. In my understanding it's quite a rare phenomenon for someone (unlike, say, Elvis) who never attained mega-stardom.

This 75-minute video encapsulates the true essence of Kate's beauty, her spirituality, almost amounting to a C.S. Lewis-like other worldly charm, and what I can only describe as her radiance, singing brilliantly. Before a large Austin audience she conveys a warm intimacy and of course, that most magical of voices is completely spellbinding. The wonderful contributions of Nina Gerber (guitar, mandolin, vocals) and guest Randy Sabien (fiddle, mandolin) provide some dazzling effect picking. The fourteen songs don't include my personal favourites Great Love Of My Life and Safe At Anchor, but are all masterpieces, and of course there's a distressing pathos in hearing near-prophetic songs like These Times We're Living In knowing now that Kate only had a year to go.

A wonderful memento of my number one all-time singer-songwriter. She's irreplaceable, but the video helps a bit.

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