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The 1998 Kate Wolf
Memorial Music Festival
June 27 & 28, 1998

Fans' Feedback
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We really enjoyed this last festival. One of the best music fests I've been to, and I've been to A LOT!
Keep up the good work!  -Barb 9/98

This was the best year yet....we were wise enough to buy tickets for both days and they were two great days filled with wonderful performers and performances. We completely enjoyed the people who we intentionally came to hear and were totally pleased with the new performers we had not heard before. Weather was fantastic! I have not been this happy for such a long period of time since I can't remember when. AND the people attending the event were such a sweet and loving bunch. The highlight for me was Cheryl Wheeler, funny/smart and with a beautiful voice... But then Laurie Lewis was fantastic....and Nanci....and the Cache Valley Drifters...and Utah Phillips's MC'ing...and his storytelling workshop! Wow, I am a lucky person. I want all my friends to hear these great people ...will there be a CD? Are tickets available yet for 1999? My sister from Seattle MUST come next year. Thanks so much to Cloud Moss the Wolf Family and the Caswell family....etc for this PERFECT-sized festival. - Marc and John from San Francisco...... 9/98

Max Wolf -- thanks for your kind assistance at the festival. It was a wonderful time had by all of us, and hopefully the musicians and vendors as well. I look forward to next year...  - George 8/98

Thank you to everyone involved in putting on this year's festival. What a wonderful outpouring of love and respect....Did you notice that a hawk was always circling nearby on Saturday? Hmmm....Flying back to L.A. (no comments, please) on Sunday night, I sat next to two gentlemen who had not been at the festival but wished they had. They opted for the gay pride fest. in S.F.  One was almost in tears when I told them about the event, and he drooled all over my program! It turns out that the three of us are practically neighbors! Now I have two new friends who also love Kate. Life is good! Thank you again. I look forward to next year's festival! With love and gratitude, Cynthia 7/98

We attended the Festival Sat. and Sun. and enjoyed it very much.   -Russell 7/98

I just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful weekend of music- my spirit is rejuvenated-and the music flows again.  -Phee 7/98

I was only there for the first day, but this year's festival was mighty fine. Thanks.  -Jerry 7/98

I had such a good time on Saturday that I'm sure to return for both days next year. The highlights for me were "tequila and me" sung by Greg Brown and the awe-inspiring "who knows where the time goes" sung by Nanci Griffith. I know that Kate Wolf has covered the same Sandy Denny song before. I'm sure both Kate and Sandy were smiling brightly somewhere in heaven.
Thanks again for a great time. I am truly grateful to be a part of your rainbow path.   -Luke 7/98

The Festival, by the way, was fantastic. Gets better every year. I tip my hat to Cloud Moss and Kate's family and all those who put the show on. -Ron 7/98

I attended the festival this summer and thoroughly enjoyed it! -Terrie 7/98

Yes, I was at the festival and drove all the way from Boise Idaho to come! It was well worth it! I REALLY enjoyed the atmosphere and the fog on Sun am. The music charged my soul and rejuvenated me immensely! Thanks for the wonderful mix of performers. It's hard to believe they were all in one place at one time! WHAT A LINEUP! Wanna put on a good concert in ID? -Dianne 7/98

Dear Cloud Moss, and the Kate Wolf Family,
Thank you for a wonderful festival 1998. It was nice to feel the compassion for the music Kate left among the performers and audience. While doing a folk radio show for eight years on KCBX Public Radio in San Luis Obispo, I would always get a few phone calls whenever I played Kate's Music. We have been playing all of the new and old Kate Wolf albums since returning home, and listened to "A Poet's Heart," which we bought in cassette form at the festival, 4 times during our 6 hour drive home, singing along to every song. Thank you all for that old feeling! -Haila 7/98

Just wanted to let you know we loved the festival last month!!!!! We're hard core fans and we will be back next year! -Cat 7/98

Thanks for all the information. I attended this year's festival and was delighted. I think we'll be back next year. -Lisa 7/98

Thanks so much for letting us be a part of the Kate Wolf Memorial Festival! -The Rincon Ramblers 7/98

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