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About Kate Wolf's Family

Owl Productions manages Kate's music and everything related to it except publishing. Owl is run by Kate's family: Max Wolf, her son; Hannah Wolf, her daughter; and Terry Fowler, her husband. Our goal is to keep Kate's memory and music alive through a variety of activities:

  • Publishing her work in songbooks
  • Working with record companies to issue quality collections of previously unreleased recordings
  • Obtain and remaster concert videos for those that never saw her in person, and those who would like to see her again
  • Maintain the Official Kate Wolf Website
  • Sponsor the annual Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival
  • Encourage other artists to perform and record her songs

Kate was fond of Owls. In 1976, she released her first album on her own label, Owl Records. She used the name once more for her second album before signing with Kaleidoscope Records. Owl Records became Owl Productions, the name Kate used to manage her business affairs. Her family continues to use the name today.

Another Sundown Publishing Companyterry@katewolf.com
+1 415-488-0772
• P.O. Box 198
  Forest Knolls, Calif.
  94933, USA

Recording A
Kate Wolf Song

You don't need to get permission to record a previously recorded song.  Just complete a mechanical license and send it to us.

Another Sundown Publishing Company is affiliated with BMI.

We also maintain her publishing company: Another Sundown Publishing Company. When Kate started songwriting, she formed Another Sundown Publishing Company to publish her songs. (During her entire career, she felt very strongly that writers should retain the rights to their songs.)  Another Sundown is responsible for the publishing aspects of our work, including copyrights and licensing. If you have publishing-related questions about Kate's music, or are interested in using one of her songs, you can reach us at the contact information to the left.

You can help support our mission by visiting our web's General Store.  We also encourage you to share your love of  Kate's music with others.  Thank you for your continued support,

  • Max Wolf,  Kate's son
  • Hannah Wolf,  Kate's daughter
  • Terry Fowler,  Kate's widower

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