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The Kate Wolf Songbook
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 The Kate Wolf Songbook

 In order by album:
  ē  Back Roads
  ē  Lines On The Paper
  ē  Safe At Anchor
  ē  Close To You
  ē  Give Yourself To Love
  ē  Poet's Heart




a_carr.jpg (14297 bytes)Kate Wolf
 & The Wildwood Flower
 Back Roads
 Released 1976




Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Lately in the afternoon Iím crying over you  

Though everything still seems just the same  

And lately thereíve been questions in this heart of mine  

That donít bring any answer but pain

And Honey, I canít tell if itís you or me  

Or both of us that need to change  

And if I thought that you could see it too  

We might find the good times once again

Lately in the morning I love to be alone

With the words that come into my mind

And lately youíve been seen coming into your own

But what is it that youíre trying to find?


And lately in the evening Iím feeling better too  

Though thereís still a lonely feeling down inside  

And lately Iíve stopped listening to all the kind advice  

The way is getting clearer all the time


© 1975 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Emma Rose

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

When Emma Rose was ten years old, her father passed away  

She cried to think heíd never see her on her wedding day  

And then her mother sickened and left her on her own  

Saying "Emma Rose, it grieves me to leave you so alone" 

How long, how long, will it be ítil youíre returning?

How long, how long, must I keep the candles burning?

When Emma Rose was sixteen years she was courted and wed  

By Danny Jay the neighbor boy, a fine young man they said  

And in the flowering of their love, Emma had a son  

And Danny left one morning before the rising of the sun

Tell meÖ

The years went by and Emma Rose grew bitter in her grief  

Of all the men who came and went, none gave her any peace  

And even age could not erase the beauty in her face  

But Emma Rose had eyes for one who left without a trace


Emma lives alone now, the child is grown and gone

Some say they see her now and then on the days she comes to town

If youíre traveling north, thereís a mailbox on the road

And all it says is Emma Rose in letters faint and old


© 1975 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Sitting On The Porch

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Up before the dawn, watching the sky  

Waiting for everything to wake  

Noticing the clouds moving along  

Donít you know a fine dayís about to break

Canít you feel the sun and canít you feel the day  

Donít you know that everythingís gonna be OK  

Canít you feel the time and wonít you be a friend of mine  

Weíll sit on the porch and watch the morning going by

Thereís nothing Iíd rather do than sit right here with you  

Watching the morning going by

Singing country songs, now wonít you sing along  

Donít you know itís a fine way to get high


We may not be here long, the night is bound to come

And who knows what roads we have to choose  

But you know that when our morning comes again  

We can meet here and celebrate the news


© 1972 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Goodbye Babe

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

My life keeps changing, like a cloudy day

You brought me sunshine along the way

Now I find our love is fading like the early morning light

So Iíve made up my mind to say goodnight

Goodbye Babe, I know youíll do fine

We had everything going, except enough time

We never were together long enough to know

How we might have made it or where we could go

So goodbye

And thereís nothing else, Honey, that I can do  

Except to tell you I once loved you  

And weíll make better friends, than lovers  

And in trusting me, you might trust another


© 1975 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Tequila & Me

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

The telephoneís ringing, the radioís singing  

A song I know much too well  

As I pick up the phone, here all alone  

Whoís calling, I really canít tell

"Hello out there, you know I was just thinking  

about you and I thought I would call"

But he canít see, itís Tequila & Me  

Spending the night with the walls

And I figure heís thinking how far Iíve been sinking  

And I canít say I really care

Cause Iím here all alone, with the walls and the phone,

Drinking my way to somewhere


Tequilaís my friend, she comes now and then

To stay Ďtil the long night is through

Thereís more where she came from, more of the same one

Thatís more than I can say about you


© 1975 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Riding In The Country

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Going riding in the country in a Model A Ford

Past the cows and the chickens, through the fields of corn

Out across the flat lands and the rolling hills

Feel the summer sun shining, hear the motor purr

And Iím just sitting on the front seat with two friends of mine  

Going to the country sure makes me feel fine

Working in the country, cleaning up yards  

With a Model A truck you know it canít be hard  

Folks smile and pass up, walking down the road  

Going to the county dump with another load


Hayfields are cut, harvest has begun  

Riding through the orchards in the morning sun  

Good times in the country, canít you smell the air  

Apples and apricots and plums to spare


Down gentle roads with no white line

Like a pathway to another time

Old houses passing, front yards of flowers

I could ride in the country for hours and hours


© 1972 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Oklahoma Going Home

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Another time Iím going home  

Down this road on my own  

I see the trees and feel the sun  

Is this the time my travelingís done?

But Daddy, itís been too long

Since Iíve been grown and gone along  

Howíre you doing, and howíve you been?  

Itíll be awhile Ďtil Iím here again

I see the house and the old wood shed  

I wonder how many friends are dead  

Have you seen my boy, is he growing tall?  

Howís his ma, is she pretty still?


The years have been good; I could be drinking less  

Out on the coast Iíve found itís best

Thereís been lots of singing and lots of pain  

But you know Iíd live it again


Some things havenít changed, way out there

I still have my shotgun and my long hair

And the mountains and me are the best of friends

Iím still looking for a woman that really understands


© 1972 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Back Roads

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Iíll take the back roads home through the open countryside  

Letting things slip by in drawn-out time  

Iíll take the long way home on the back roads of this life

Taking time to see what goes by

Coming and going, thereís no dividing line

What youíre headed for, someone left behind  

And the shortest road ainít always the best  

Sometime let a back road take you home

A back road is so easy, it just rambles on and on

Take it or leave it as it rolls along

Drifts through things it cannot change, and doesnít even try

Wouldnít that be something for you and I


Anyplace youíre bound, youíll get there someday  

Youíre the one who chooses what to see along the way  

And when the heartaches seem too much for you to bear  

Thereís a back road winding everywhere


© 1975 Another Sundown Publishing Company

a_carr.jpg (14297 bytes)Kate Wolf
 & The Wildwood Flower with
 The Cache Valley Drifters

 Lines On The Paper
 Released 1977

I Donít Know Why

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Youíre not the sweetest man that I ever knew

And I donít pretend to understand everything you do

Thereíve been nights Iíve lain awake ó without you

And I donít know why I should love you

But I do

Youíre not the kind words come easy to

Sometimes you turn away and itís hard to be with you

And I get confused and wonder what to do

And I donít know why I should love you

But I do

Well, youíll always have a heart thatís partly wild

And Iíve seen you be as foolish as a baby child  

And youíve got that crazy, stubborn strength in you  

And I donít know why I should love you  

But I do

© 1977 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Lines On The Paper

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

In an outdoor cafe you drew my picture, drinking coffee all alone  

I looked up and I caught you staring, at a picture all your own

Tell me, what are you seeing?  

Do you think that Iím alone?  

And do those lines upon your paper  

Say Iím someone that youíve known?

Well I wonder what youíd do if I told you, that Iím a painter just like you  

I paint your picture with these words, instead of brushes like you do

Now itís a writer or a painter, who can take a stranger home,

Captured in the lines upon the paper in a picture or a poem

Do you see what Iím seeing? 

That youíre another one alone

And do these lines upon my paper  

Say youíre someone that Iíve known?

© 1977 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Youíre Not Standing Like You Used To

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

I wish I could tell you how I feel tonight

Itís been so long since Iíve seen you

You havenít said, but I can see so plain

Somethingís been on your mind again

ĎCause youíre not standing like you used to

Your clothes are fitting you looser and

Thereís a tired shadow hiding in your eyes  

Youíre looking like you could use a friend

And I wish I could make you happy some way

But that would be a lie and you know it

Find what you really care about

Then live a life that shows it


I wish I could say that I thought things would change

Youíve had so many try to love you

Too many years thinking you could see it all

Until a woman saw right through you


© 1976 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Picture Puzzle

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Iím picking up the pieces, trying to fit the holes

in this picture puzzle you left me long ago

The hardest puzzle that I can see

just a pile of little pieces that makes no sense to me  

ĎCause we were together, now weíre apart  

And Iím picking up the pieces of my heart

I thought my heart would mend, and babe, you know Iíve tried

But the picture on the cover doesnít match the one inside

Iím holding the pieces, not knowing where to start  

with this jigsaw puzzle youíve made of my heart  

A pretty picture puzzle should fit so easily  

but the picture that you left me doesnít match the one I see  

ĎCause we were together, now weíre apart  

And Iím picking up the pieces of my heart

The puzzle looked so easy Ďtil we tried to play the game  

The pieces fit together, but the pictureís not the same

Verse I

Chorus I

© 1977 Another Sundown Publishing Company

The Heart

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

There is a heart locked in a box of pain  

Wanting so long to be free  

And wanting more to be in love again  

Not believing anyone can turn the key

There is a story thatís been told before

Of a good love that went bad

And of one who gave so much he gave himself away

And left the heart so empty and so sad

Friends who come to feed the heart

Are turned away by the walls within

The heart grows more lonely in its box of pain

It gives love but it cannot take it in

Here is the strongest heart that anyone has known

Locked up so long and going blind

And in its darkness it does not see

It could break out any time

There is something that always seems so clear  

From the outside looking in  

When the heart is empty and it cannot feel  

Let someone fill it once again

Chorus II

It could break out any time

© 1977 Another Sundown Publishing Company

The Trumpet Vine

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

The trumpet vine grew in the kitchen window  

And bloomed bright orange on the wall  

You sat in the morning light, holding a guitar  

As the first summer rain began to fall

Like the gentle raindrops

 your words fell in the air  

Making things so clear

  as we quietly sat there

It reminded me of other times you had come before

And brought a song or just walked in through the kitchen door

Now it seems the truest words I ever heard from you

Were said at kitchen tables we have known

ĎCause somehow in that warm room, with coffee on the stove,

Our hearts were really most at home

Sitting at a table

 looking hard at you

Catching up on stories

of the things weíd tried to do

It seems we really said the most when we didnít talk at all  

Let the songs speak for us like the sunlight on the wall

Now as we come and go, in sunshine and in rain

Some years are seen more clearly than the rest

And if it werenít for kitchen songs and mornings spent with friends

We all might lose the things we love the best

I can see you sitting there

beneath the trumpet vine

The sunlight through the window

in the kitchen in my mind

You came when you were needed, I could not ask for more  

Than to turn to find you walking through the kitchen door

© 1977 Another Sundown Publishing Company

I Never Knew My Father

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

It was twenty-five years ago, when I began my life

The second child of a woman, who tried hard to raise us right

She married a man, when I was just a babe

Who treated me just like his own, even giving me his name

I never knew my father, I only knew his name

I never knew the way he moved

How he talked, or what he said

Now Iím grown and mama says,

"Youíre like your daddy, just the same" 

Sometimes I got to wondering, about this man I never knew

When Iíd find myself into something, just the way he used to do  

Heard stories all my life, of how he loved to sing  

And how he would take apart and fix most anything


Now I canít say that I donít care, that he died before I was born  

I get to asking why he did, and Iíll probably ask some more

My lifeís been good, I canít say that Iíve had it bad  

But now Iím seeing years that my dad never had


© 1976 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Amazed To Find

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

After all is said and done

A few things lost, a few things won

I can say Iíve had a full and a happy life

But in the quiet of the night

When I turn out the light

Iím amazed to find youíre still on my mind

Iím amazed to find

Iím amazed to find that youíre still on my mind  

ĎCause it will hit me without warning

(sometimes) early in the morning  

Iím amazed to find that youíre still on my mind

I could be talking with my friends

Or out walking when day ends

Or just doing all the things that fill my time

But at the closing of the day

When my troubles fade away

Iím amazed to find youíre still on my mind


© 1977 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Everybodyís Looking For The Same Thing

Words and Music by Kate Wolf and Hugh Shacklett

Outside a country store thereís a board on the wall

Thatís filled with cards of every size  

And what the folks are looking for is written there to see  

Reading it, it comes as no surprise

That everybodyís looking for the same thing

The same thing, itís plain to see

Itís an old Chevy, a bass player,

A country house on three acres,

Three bedrooms, absolutely free

Thereís someone going to Boston with a guitar and a dog  

And a lady with a goat to give away  

Thereís ten free kittens, a square dance on Sunday,

And Cindy, please get in touch with Ray


Know your future, itís in the stars ó fifteen dollars or fix my car  

You can call mornings or evenings until nine

Do you want to lose weight, meditate? Herbal remedies you can take

And massages given at your house or mine  


So if youíre needing something and you donít know where to start  

Just make yourself a card that says it all

Use the words that say it best, include a number and address  

And pin it up with the others on the wall


© 1977 Another Sundown Publishing Company

The Lilac And The Apple

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

A Lilac bush and an Apple tree  

were standing in the woods

Out on the hill above the town  

where once a farmhouse stood

In the winter the leaves are bare  

and no one sees the signs

Of a house that stood and a garden that grew

and life in another time

One spring when the buds came bursting forth

and grass grew on the land

The Lilac spoke to the Apple tree

as only an old friend can

Do you think, said the Lilac, this might be the year

when someone will build here once more?

Here by the cellar, still open and deep,

thereís room for new walls and a floor

Oh no, said the Apple, there are so few

who come here on the mountain this way

And when they do, they donít often see

why weíre growing here, so far away

A long time ago we were planted by hands

that worked in the mines and the mills

When the country was young

and the people who came built their homes in the hills

But now there are cities, the roads have come

and no one lives here today

And the only signs of the farms in the hills

are the things not carried away

Broken dishes, piles of boards,

a tin plate, an old leather shoe

And an Apple tree still bending down

and a Lilac where a garden once grew

© 1977 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Lay Me Down Easy

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Sitting in the sunshine

Trying to sing the blues away

Wondering why they came

And how long theyíll stay

Picking out a little tune

I never heard before

Yes and wishing you were here

ó at the door

Wonít you lay me down easy

Lay me down easy in my mind  

ĎCause babe, Iíve got the blues  

And thereís something you can do  

You can lay me down easy in my mind

In my mind

Well babe, you know how it is  

When you wake up feeling old

You wonder if youíre doing  

What you should

And everyone around you ó  

They canít read whatís on your mind  

And they might not want to  

If they could


Now the seasons of my life  

They go turning through the days

Iíve seen bitter winters  

Come and go

And here I am in sunny times  

Not feeling like I could  

And wondering when the winds  

Will start to blow


© 1974 Another Sundown Publishing Company

a_carr.jpg (14297 bytes)Kate Wolf
 Safe At Anchor
 Released 1979

Safe At Anchor

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Here I stand alone again,

reaching out across the room

Quietly the sunís gone down

and sailors seek the harbor

Look at us sailing in,

decks awash but still afloat

And now the windís come up

to rock us on the water

Riding out the storm

like a ship safe at anchor

Waiting out the long voyage,

Ďround the Cape of Hope weíll take her

In the calm before the storm

sunny days and smoother waters

When we hit the seventh wave

we found a line and caught her

Look into my eyes

let me see where youíve been sailing

Like you Iíve felt the storm

and heard the wild waves wailing


Steer clear of the shore

the coast is rough and rocky

Itís the deepest channel that runs most true

the brightest stars that mark her

Steady as she goes

thereís no turning back the sailors

With the ship on course and the sea wind fair

thereís no need to fail her


 © 1979 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Early Morning Melody

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

An early morning melody

playing in the scenery of my mind

Rainy days and ocean tides

through the hills and greenwood sides

Like a wind chime

I think of you that way a lot

singing to the coffeepot and the kitchen wall

Always up before the sun

picking out some pretty run, on the strings

Like a waterfall, like a waterfall

Youíve given me so many songs,

ones that kept me going on when Iíd wonder why

Weaving through the busy days

they were colors in the misty haze

Like rainbow rhymes

Reminding me that even prison walls

turn to dust and fall before the open sky

And love can find you in the darkest hour

touch you lightly as a flower on colored wings

Like a butterfly, like a butterfly

Thought Iíd let you know

I heard you singing soft and low

when I woke today

I got up to play along

found myself with a morning song

To send your way

Thanking you for all the times

youíve listened to these sunrise lines

Iíve made for you

I see your face before me now

smiling as if you know somehow,

youíve touched my day

Like the morning dew, like the morning dew

 © 1979 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Sweet Love

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Sweet love, donít deny me just a hand to hold

I may not always be the one who sees

I find myself blinded from time to time

Reaching out for someone who can take the lead

And in my weariness Iíve tried to cry

Although my eyes are dry, Iíve cried inside

Sweet love, let me lay myself beside you

And listen to your breathing Ďtil it slows

Long enough to dream a vision of my life

Wrapped up in the gentle wind that blows

A vision of a life lived long ago ó

I see it, though the lights are low

Sweet love, like the leaves that fall

The scenes go drifting by my eyes

And I remember holding you

Telling you that it would be alright

You know the road looked straight ahead from far away

But it turned into a blind curve

and Iíve lost my way today

© 1977 Another Sundown Publishing Company

She Rises Like The Dolphin

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

She rises like the dolphin with the sea wind in her eyes

And the sunlight casting shadows like a painterís palette knife

Her hair fans out around her, floating like a crown

She plays on the water and lets it pull her down

Sometimes she swims in moonlight with the stars high above

And the night sounds of the water speaking soft of love

Her skin turns to velvet as she feels the waters glide

She loses all her boundaries on this magic carpet ride

You see ripples on the water and watch the shadows dance

Then sheís diving down and youíre looking through a glass

Like a one-way mirror her reflectionís far below

And where she was, she isnít now; thatís all you really know

Two swimmers in the water, one of silver, one of gold

One below the surface, one reaching for a hold

One floating freely, one trying not to drown

A dreamer with two faces, a dolphin and a clown

If you think youíll hold her in a shallow pool

Or catch her in a waterfall, youíre thinking like a fool

Sheíll strike for the horizon like a ship out to sea

Leaving just illusions that look like memories

She wears the water like a mask, a brand new suit of clothes

A player on the stage, an actress no one knows

See her roll and tumble, falling like a clown ó

A swimmer in the water that runs from higher ground

© 1979 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Great Love Of My Life

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Great love of my life, how I feel you here beside me

Watching the clouds turn red at the close of day

And you know I think about you as the sun goes down

And youíre far away

Great love of my life, I see your face before me

As the day goes fading into night

And itís all that I can do not to want you here beside me

In the firelight

Great love of my life, you know it isnít easy

Saying goodbye to the good times that we knew

But the hard times came and took us where we never thought weíd go,

And left us broken, me and you

Great love of my life, the flames are leaping higher

Talking to me in the quiet, empty room

So happy and so sad with the twisted pain of love

That left too soon

Remember the time we stood laughing like small children

Caught in the rain and they took our photograph

With our arms around each other and our eyes on fire

Looking out at the rain running off our hats

Great love of my life, the first time that we touched

We were so hungry it took us by surprise

And it never changed all the years we were as one

We tasted it all; we paid the price

And we paid the price

© 1979 Another Sundown Publishing Company


Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Oh love, itís your blue eyes turning to black

Shining down on me as I lie here on my back

And that lovelight shines deeper than even I can see

It makes my heart glad itís shining down on me

Shining in the morning, shining in the evening

Shining in the summer,  and the winter too

Makes me sing with a glad heart, sing in my sorrow

Sing for those blue eyes that burn so true

Iíd like to wrap you in my blankets, yes, and ride that morning train

Lie warm and soft beside you, listening to the rain

Rolling down the valley on its journey in the wind

And watch that light of love come shining down again


You get that look in your eyes, love itís something I canít name

Iíve seen that look before just not on something tame

Itís a little lost and lonely, a spirit burning free,

That makes my heart glad itís shining down on me


© 1979 Another Sundown Publishing Company

September Song

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

The wild geese flew overhead in Pennsylvania

I thought of a few choice words I ought to send you

And you know if I thought it was right

Iíd pretend that you were here with me tonight

The ghost of a frontier lady walked through the tall rooms

Of an old Ontario farmhouse under a full moon

And we sat in the kitchen all night

Drinking good whiskey until the morning light

Did you ever think I would go

Out on this road you told me I would take

So long ago?

On a Roanoke backroad, laughing beside a cold stove

We sang for old black Francis & Bessie, songs about true love

All the songs I ever knew

Came back to me and brought me back to you

The leaves were turning, we felt the summer passing

Knowing things were changing, even without asking

Like a photograph faded in time

In a cabin lost in the Blue Ridge mountain pines


Now the wind is blowing cold across the bay

And Massachusetts seems so far away

From the California tides,

The rolling hills and roads I used to ride

So Iím leaving in the morning, seeing faces

Of friends I leave behind in all these places

And though Iím coming home

Iím not coming back to California all alone

Yes, you always knew I would go

Out on this road you took yourself once

So long ago

© 1977 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Seashore Mountain Lady

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Down beside the ocean, the doorways face the sea

Looking out across the water on eternity

Down from the mountains, like the rolling tides

Comes the seashore mountain lady with the haunted eyes

Can you tell me just how you came to be

Living in the mountains by the rolling sea?

Did you leave behind a shelter for your long hair blowing free?

ĎCause thatís what your eyes say to me

You sit there with your baby and youíre all dressed in blue

Wearing roses on your shoulders and mud-caked shoes

And youíre listening to the wind as it sings to you

From someplace down inside yourself as children often do

Did you come here for the living that makes you try your wings?

For tasting cold and hunger and leaving pretty things?

Did you come here for someone who works with the land,

Whoíll reach inside your soul with his hands?

Living in the mountains by the rolling sea

You live with the wind always blowing free

That blows in the rain and bends the growing trees

And tears at your heart like a seashore mountain lady

And she moves with the grace of the deer and the squirrel

High in the mountains on the edge of the world

With her haunted eyes turned toward the sea

Her skirts wrapped around her and her hair blowiní free

© 1977 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Looking Back At You

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

I never wrote a song for you that touched me like you do

Weíre in this together now, now weíre finally through

You always wanted it to feel that way and you gave it all your heart

But I didnít know my mind and it kept us far apart

Now I see in your eyes

The love I always knew

(But) for the first time in a long time

Itís in me ó

Looking back at you

When you let me go like I said I wanted to

The farther I went away the closer I felt to you

Now we both sit here crying like we never could do before

And the best part of it all is not lying to you anymore


Wipe away the tears; itís funny how loveís done

Just when you let it go it comes back on the run

And if I can give you anything to take along with you

Itís all the love I found looking back at you


© 1979 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Two-Way Waltz

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Youíre a quicksilver lady, a child of the morning

A flower by day, a slow fire by night

But heís taught you things, for all that youíve shown him

Heís a gazer of stars, a blue crystal light

And sometimes he cries and he says things

That pierce you to your soul

But heís still a man who loves you

And it hurts to let you go

Youíre a man with the power of rattlesnake lightning

Hard like the mountains, but soft like the sun

And sheís taught you things for all that youíve shown her

Sheís a weaver of visions in threads finely spun

And sometimes she cries and she walks away

Held by the dreams that find her

But sheís still a woman who loves you

And her heart will always remind her

So dance for the day, but watch for the signs

That point out your way when the doubt fills your eyes

And try to believe that the sweetest hello

Always comes after the hardest goodbye

For two ways can sometimes make one

Thatís stronger than either alone

So dancers join hands for the two-way waltz

But take the steps on your own

© 1979 Another Sundown Publishing Company

a_carr.jpg (14297 bytes)Kate Wolf
 Close To You
 Released 1981

Across The Great Divide

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Iíve been walking in my sleep

counting troubles, Ďstead of counting sheep

Where the years went, I canít say

I just turned around and theyíve gone away

Iíve been sifting through the layers

of dusty books and faded papers

They tell a story I used to know

one that happened so long ago

Gone away ó in yesterday

and I find myself on the mountainside

Where the rivers change direction

across the Great Divide

Well I heard the owl calling

softly as the night was falling

With a question, and I replied

but heís gone across the borderline


The finest hour, that I have seen

is the one that comes between

The edge of night and the break of day

when the darkness rolls away



© 1980 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Leggett Serenade

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Chopping wood in the rain

the axe swings up and falls again

I watch you move so smoothly in the dance

Listening to the hollow sound

of splitting logs as they hit the ground

Iíd build a fire for you if I had the chance

Let the chips fall where they can

Iíve tried my best to understand

Why we stand out here in the rain

in our anger and our pain

Afraid to feel the love

thatís in our hands

Love that was so strong

stopped you short when it came along

Sometimes I wonder why you ever stayed

ĎCause when you turn away

and save yourself for a rainy day,

Love grows weak and then it starts to fade


In the winterís wet and cold

some people change and some just grow old

The years go by in spite of what you do

Iíd like to lay you down

and turn your twisted head around

But babe, thereís really nothing that I can do


© 1981 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Like A River

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Itís high on a mountain the warm winds are blowing

And where the winds are blowing to, there ainít no way of knowing

The mountain grass is short, itís dry and close to burning

Crying out for water as the seasonís turning

The sweet smell of the pines, the tall western cedar

Drifting on the wind through the mountains

Like a River

Iíve been too long away from this wild open sky

On the concrete trails that wind through the canyons dark and wide

With the sounds of people talking in words of blue and grey

Smells of doors and windows closed against the day


Now the dust lies thick and heavy where my feet are falling

Thereís nothing but the sound of the jaybirds calling

My mind grows dry and thirsty as the memories linger

Drifting on the wind through the mountains

Like a River


© 1980 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Unfinished Life

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Itís an unfinished life that I find lies before me

An open-ended dream and I donít want to wake

Iíve crossed so many rivers in search of crystal fountains

Iíve found the truest paths always lead through mountains

Iíve seen water on the sky, and fire burning on the lake

You said to me, ďI cannot make you happy

Like a wounded bird, you must find the strength to fly

Time can paint the treetops with colors of the rainbow

But you cannot find the end, no matter how you tryĒ

Itís a journey with my soul that I am taking

One that only goes from the cradle to the grave

Going Ďround in circles like painted dancing horses

Up and down we ride on the wooden courses

And light from a loverís eyes is all that I can save


So Iíll take the day and run out across the open fields

Where the grass grows high and the shadows fall

Where my eyes can see all the colors in the air

So quiet that the wind whistles in my hair

And takes the rising dust and carries it away


© 1981 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Friend Of Mine

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Friend of Mine I canít undo the wrong

I could have given so much more than just these crazy songs

I walked down by the river and I thought of you today

You always seemed to understand the words I couldnít say

But when weíd sing together those country harmonies,

I never heard a sweeter voice come so easy and so free

Friend of Mine at times you were so wise

With the sweet ways of a playful child and sorrow in your eyes

You came riding through, but your heart made you stay

I could use some of your honesty now that youíve gone away

I can feel your footsteps walking here with me

I never heard a sweeter voice come so easy and so free

Friend of Mine singing to me now

I wanted to say I cared, I didnít quite know how

Now driving on these dusty roads where we spent so many days

Your songs wrap close around me like the heavy summer haze

The coast of California holds me like your melodies

I never heard a sweeter voice come so easy and so free

© 1981 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Love Still Remains

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

I went home to a place I swore Iíd never see again

Lord, itís different now; thereís hardly anything that hasnít changed

And the friends Iíve known have grown and moved away

But the love I felt for you still remains

It remains

It blows down the dusty streets and rides the falling rain

And rolls like a tumbleweed out on the open range

The love I felt for you still remains

I walked down past the buildings standing empty and unused

Where you asked me one more time if Iíd stay, and then you cried when I refused

That was long ago, I moved away and I changed my name

But the love I felt for you still remains


I could say that I always thought youíd be there when I came

But you wanted more and I could say the same

Now Iím leaving like the whistle on a lonesome boxcar train

But the love I felt for you still remains


© 1981 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Eyes Of A Painter

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Gray-haired and flint-eyed, his sunburned face lined

Grandpa was a man of few words

But he had a way of not wanting to say

any more than he thought would be heard

The long years of living and day to day giving

had carved out a map on his face

With little to lose, heíd learned how to choose

and his choices were easy to trace

He had the eyes of a painter,

heart of a maker of songs

His words fell like rain on the dry desert plain

precious and so quickly gone

From a long line of teachers and white Baptist preachers

he was born with an Indian will

His quiet dark eyes reading the light

as he rode in the low Osage hills

His school was the prairie, the Sage, the wild berry,

the Quail, the wide open sky,

The Cottonwood thicket by the slow rolling river,

the Redbud and the hot cattle drive


There were days filled with thinking,

nights with the drinking for a lost love that raged like a storm

But how his eyes smiled when heíd talk to a child

the rough hands so gentle and warm

His strong arms were brown

where the long sleeves rolled down on his faded blue cotton shirt

When times got hard heíd go out in the yard

and cuss away some of his hurt


Now the gardenís grown dusty, the handaxe lies rusty

the doorís banging hard in the wind

Grandpaís store is closed down, like most of the town

and it wonít be open again

And the big white car sits out in the yard

of the house he built solid and true

But I see his eyes burning tonight

like the stars in the sky he once knew


© 1981 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Here In California

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

When I was young my mama told me

she said ďChild take your time.

Donít fall in love too quickly,

before you know your mindĒ

She held me Ďround the shoulders

and in a voice so soft and kind

She said, ďLove can make you happy

and love can rob you blindĒ

ďHere in California

the fruit hangs heavy on the vine

Thereís no gold

I thought Iíd warn ya

And the hills turn brown

in the summertimeĒ

Now I may learn to love you

but I canít say when

This morning we were strangers

and tonight weíre only friends

Iíll take my time to know you

Iíll take my time to see

Thereís nothing I wonít show you

if you take your time with me


Itís an old familiar story

an old familiar rhyme

To everything there is a season

to every purpose thereís a time

A time to love and come together

a time when love longs for a name

A time for questions we canít answer

though we ask them just the same


© 1980 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Stone In The Water

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Now babe, is that you crying Ďcause Iím not lying next to you?

That sun going down sure makes this lonesome town thirty shades of blue

Here in Minnesota, waiting out the summerís hottest night

I think about you walking on the beach at home and I know youíll be alright

Youíve been calling on the telephone, spending all those hours alone Ďcause you wanted to

And writing letters every night, it seemed right to say whatever came to you

Go down by the water and make a wish for you and me

And watch the shorebirds running in as the tide goes running out to sea

Throw a stone in the water

Bless the son and daughter of this rolling ocean shore

Love waits to guide us safely home once more

People walking with their dogs, stacking driftwood logs to make a fire

As the sea pulls at the sun the day flies on the run before the nightís desire

Love is all around you as the day falls fast asleep

But all that I can send you now is a love thatís only yours to keep


© 1981 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Close To You

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

I like the way you smile

It reminds me of a happy child

It makes me feel a little less alone

I miss you when youíre gone

The hours they stretch on and on

Like water dripping slowly on a stone

Youíre such a mystery

the way you look at me

With that light that shines

from someplace I canít go

Did it take you by surprise

when you realized

That you loved me ó though

youíve never told me so

You know I want to say

So many things to you today

But youíve got me feeling like Iím flying blind

I think if you were here

The words would ring crystal clear

From this heart thatís learning how to speak its mind

You fight for truth with love

youíre an iron hand in a velvet glove

Itís the kind of strength

that makes a gentle man

But Iím a child of the wind ó

Iíve been blown away but Iím back again

I just donít know if you really understand

Sunlight moves across the floor

Thereís a soft breeze through the open door

A sleepy cat lying on the windowsill

On this lazy afternoon

Like honey on a silver spoon

The memory of your smile is with me still

Donít tell me that itís wrong

to say I love you with a song

When the words wonít come Iíve seen you do it too

This road winds along

one day weíll be gone

But Iíll have this song to bring me close to you

© 1980 Another Sundown Publishing Company

a_carr.jpg (14297 bytes)Kate Wolf
Give Yourself To Love
 Released 1983

Give Yourself To Love

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Kind friends all gathered Ďround

thereís something I would say

That what brings us together here

has blessed us all today

Love has made a circle

that holds us all inside

Where strangers are as family

and loneliness canít hide

You must give yourself to love

if love is what youíre after

Open up your heart

to the tears and laughter

And give yourself to love

give yourself to love

Iíve walked these mountains in the rain

Iíve learned to love the wind

Iíve been up before the sunrise

to watch the day begin

I always knew Iíd find you

though I never did know how

But like sunshine on a cloudy day

you stand before me now

So give yourself to loveÖ

Love is born in fire

itís planted like a seed

Love canít give you everything

but it gives you what you need

Love comes when you are ready

love comes when youíre afraid

It will be your greatest teacher

the best friend you have made

So give yourself to loveÖ

Give yourself to loveÖ

© 1982 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Desert Wind

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Thereís a wind blowing down the canyon

so hot and dry, the rocks turn red

Shade grows thin and shrinks to nothing

as the sun climbs over head

What can I say, you said it all

Your words ride on the desert wind

Telling me about tomorrow

and how a heart can love again

Did you see the stars while you were sleeping

as they crossed the midnight sky

I could hear my own heart beating

in the stillness of the night


Itís all alone with the earth and sky

the hours are long, the days go slow

Your loviní way, like the wind reminds me

there is so much that I do not know



© 1982 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Green Eyes

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Every night we light the candle

that stands beside our bed

Sometimes the flameís too much to handle

thatís what you said, thatís what you said

And you should know

Because you built a fire in me and you made it burn

You followed me, watching every move

matching every turn

No, your green eyes they donít miss a thing

They hold me like the sun going down

Warm me like a fire in the night

Without a sound

You were waiting Ďtill I heard

Just as patient as that lovelight in your eyes

You never threw away a word

or ever talked in a disguise

I ought to knowÖ

You were a beacon to a sailor lost at sea

I saw it in your eyes when you looked at me

so openly


The first time I ever felt your laughter

break loose inside and tumble out to me

My heart knew it had found what it was after

and it came so easily

We should know

After all the years of the hard and lonely times

Now our days go by like best friendsí story lines,

yours and mine


© 1982 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Hurry Home

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

I wake up and youíre here beside me

I fall asleep in your loving arms

You have made my life so happy

I count the minutes when youíre gone

In the early spring we planted a garden

Watched it grow in the summertime

Now the fields stand brown and empty

Leaves blow down the mountainside

Itís now that the rain is falling

And the leaves turn red and gold

I miss you most, canít you hear me calling

Oh love of mine, wonít you hurry home

I will give you gold, I will give you silver

Give you my word that this love is true

Give you anything just to make you happy

If I could spend my life with you



© 1982 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Cornflower Blue

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Cornflower Blue, blooming in the morning sun

Tiny flowers that grew
from when our love had just begun

Long ago we planted each dry and dusty row

How long it has taken for the seeds of love to grow

Cornflower Blue

Cornflower Blue, like the faded shirt you wore

Standing in the shadows when I opened up the door

The smile in your eyes when you said hello

Held me tenderly and would not let me go

Cornflower Blue

Cornflower Blue, deeper than the evening sky

Peaceful as a river, bluer than goodbye

Blue like the diamond when the light shines true

If love came in colors Iíd choose this one for you

Cornflower Blue

© 1981 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Far-Off Shore

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Watching the sea Ďtil his dayís work is done

The boatman rows to the setting sun

Catching his oars in the silver sea

He leans on the wind as you lean on me

Where the edge of the sea turns from blue to green

Thereís a far-off shore that weíve never seen

When the moon comes up in your sea-green eyes

And we sail away in the deep dark night

I canít tell where you leave off and I begin

Love is just a way of breathing out and in


So cast away and both shall row

Thereís no telling how long or where we will go

Rock on the water, race with the sun

Follow your stars as they shine one by one


© 1981 Another Sundown Publishing Company

These Times Weíre Living In

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Down by the river the waterís runniní low

as I wander underneath the trees

In the park outside of town

the leaves turned brown and yellow now

are falling on the ground

Remembering the way you felt

beside me here when love was new

That feelingís just grown stronger

since I fell in love with you

Now weíve only got these times weíre living in

Weíve only got these times weíre living in

Winter wood piled on the porch

walnuts scattered on the ground

wood smoke risiní to the sky

An old man comes home from work

and hugs his wife in a sweat-stained shirt,

steps through that door to where itís warm inside

And Iím walking as the wind

rustles in the fallen leaves

My footsteps picking out a tune

my heart sings silently

How weíve only got these times weíre living in

Weíve only got these times weíre living in

See the roses dried and faded

the tall trees carved and painted

with long forgotten loversí names

The old cars standing empty

and dogs barking at me

as I walk through the quiet streets the same

If I could Iíd tell you now

there are no roads that do not bend

The days like flowers bloom and fade

and they do not come again

Weíve only got these times weíre living in

Weíve only got these times weíre living in

© 1981 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Medicine Wheel

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

When the morning breaks and the sunlight warms my soul

In the East the Eagle flies and the Red-tail proudly soars

Iím on my way

to the place of the spirit one

Grandfather hear me now I am on fire

Let the Sundance guide my feet to your desire

Show me visions for my eyes

the words like gold that shimmer in the sun

Hy-ah, hy-ah, hy-ah

When the sun goes down and it grows too dark to see

I look within to the shamanís mysteries

Iím on my way

to die and live again

Grandmother Earth I cry give me rest

I take my place with the woman in the West

Show me the Raven and the Bear

the way of herbs and the black obsidian


Turn toward the South like the water I will run

In innocence and trust, the moonchildís song is sung

Iím on my way

to the place of the sacred plants

My emotions and my will at their command

Where the Turtleís voice is heard upon the land

Where the wise Coyote prowls

the Rattlesnake will call me to the dance


In the deepest night the stars watch over me

Old woman of the North, my mind seeks clarity

Iím on my way

to the place of the northern winds

Let the thunder and the lightning carry me

Lay my thoughts to rest and send me into sleep

With the Hawk and the Buffalo

my dreams white crystal, magic medicine

Hy-ah, hy-ah, hy-ah, hy-ah, hy-ah

© 1981 Another Sundown Publishing Company

a_carr.jpg (14297 bytes)Kate Wolf
Poet's Heart
 Released 1985

Poetís Heart

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

I wrote to you somewhere in South Australia

A poetís heart in the eye of a hurricane

I struggle with finding words to sing these days, I said

As if my thoughts are waiting in the wings for the stage to clear

And you in your elegance and humor fill the room

Your love and your concern

Your anger at the injustice of manís narrowness and fear

I thank you for being here

You wrote of love from the coast of Mendocino

A poetís heart crying a fighterís tears

The children of your body spread out across this earth

Like messages written across time measuring the years


I heard your songs reach out to California

A poetís heart locked in the Coeur díAlene

Of the old men and the booze, singing out the truth in lives

Of forgiveness and loyalties to friends, constant as the endless railroad ties


So here we are joined finally by our words

All poetsí hearts close though far apart

I remember how you said that language is a knife

That spreads what we feel across the dry crust of someoneís heart


 © 1984 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Carolina Pines

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Just an old house with the roof falling in

Standing at the edge of the field

Watching the crops grow as itís always done before

Nobody lives here anymore

The sunís going down in the Carolina Pines

Iím a long way from home and I miss that love of mine

Broken windows, empty doors

Nobody lives here anymore

Old memories come whistling like the wind

Through the walls and the cracked window panes

And the grass is growing high around the kitchen door

Nobody lives here anymore


Once there were children and a few hired hands

A hard-working woman and a bone-tired man

Now that old sun steals across a dusty floor

Nobody lives here anymore


 © 1985 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Muddy Roads

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

If I claim to have the answers

would I be taking chances

Loving you?

And if I could say the wind was right

I shouldnít stay with you tonight

Who would lose?

ĎCause you got me dancing down these muddy roads

with soft sand between my toes

Feeling fine

The sunlight playing on my back, shirt in hand

Singing out in crazy rhyme

And if I could see around the bend

would it change the time I spend

Wanting you?

 © 1979 Another Sundown Publishing Company

All He Ever Saw Was You

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

And now the flame is out, but the light burns on

No one ever said he was bigger than his songs

So few ever knew the heart inside the man

But he gave himself away as only poets can

He took the stories of his people and gave them back in rhyme

But for the pleasures of the hearth there was never enough time

He said one day heíd quit and then he would come home

But there was always one more stage, always one more road

The candleís burning at both ends, itís burning in the middle

Thereís no time to stop between the guitar and the fiddle

A crazy tune, a crazy time you know the words were true

Smiles lit their eyes but all he ever saw was you

And the road finally claimed him like a sailor lost at sea

Setting sail on the horizon that would not let him be

Following a star that drew him like a flame

And though he loved you so well it was not the same


© 1984 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Brother Warrior

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Gentle warrior,

with your heart like gold and a rainbow in your eyes

Brave companion,

do you see a world shining in the sky?

With your body dancing like an arrow

spreading joy beneath your feet

And your hands that wave like tall grass

in the wind as you speak

With the shyness of a small child

and the wisdom of a sage

I tell you now, there is no reason

to be afraid

Brother warrior,

there are none of us who walk this path alone

Spirit healer,

itís the only life that we have ever known

I see your smile in the sunlight

I hear your songs in the rain,

Hold you here inside me

feel your love, and know your pain

At this time when the earth is waking

to the dawn of another age

I tell you now there is no reason

to be afraid

We are crying for a vision

that all living things can share

And Those Who Care

are with us everywhere

© 1984 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Crying Shame

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Two hearts, so much love to give

Afraid to lose so nobody wins

Crying at night for the touch of a lover

When they finally meet they canít touch each other

Itís a crying shame, itís a crying shame

Everybody sees it clearly

How each one loved the other dearly

But they couldnít agree on what they had

One called it happy and the other sad

Itís a crying shame, itís a crying shame

Itís a crying shame, itís a crying shame

How it goes only time will tell

Try for heaven, take a chance on hell

Itís a hard way to learn the lesson

Of a love that keeps the lovers guessing

Itís a crying shame

ĎRound and Ďround the story goes

Itís play the game every gambler knows

Some get lucky, and they win

Some just lose again and again

Itís a crying shame, itís a crying shame

Itís a crying shame, itís a crying shame

Itís a crying shame, itís a crying shame

Itís a crying shame, itís a crying shame

© 1981 Another Sundown Publishing Company

Slender Thread

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Sheís weaving him a pillow full of dreams

Soft winter wool and summer fleece

With the colors of the berries that grow among the hills

Strands of cloudy gray and deep blue indigo

And she sits beside the open door in the evening sun

Combs the carded wool in her lap, her long hair all undone

Talking to the one she loves, as she weaves the hand-spun yarn

Like a web around her there to keep her safe from harm

She dances in his heart like a feather

So fine the threads that bind the souls together

Sheís weaving him a pillow for his head

Sometimes the strongest love hangs by such a slender thread

He always loved to sing those country songs

About his mountain home and love gone wrong

That one about an old friend riding with the highway signs

But his favorites were the ones he could play between the lines

He would sit on her porch in the evening light

With his guitar in his hands singing to the night

Weaving pictures in her mind with every single word

But the songs he wrote for her were the only ones she heard

She had his drifterís heart on a tether

So fine the thread that bound the souls together

She loved to hear him sing thatís what she said

Sometimes the strongest love hangs by such a slender thread

See him lying there with broken bones

And a childís smile on a man full grown

If heíd gone just another inch by now he would be dead

At times a life can hang by such a slender thread

He can only thank his stars for another day

And then he has to choose to live another way

But he canít ask her how this time, sheís already said

That fine line that you walk is just a slender thread

She knows his heart can be as tough as leather

So strong the threads that bind the souls together

But still he counts the scars inside his head

Sometimes the strongest love hangs by such a slender thread

Sheís weaving him a pillow for his head

© 1984 Another Sundown Publishing Company

In China Or A Womanís Heart
(There Are Places No One Knows)

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

She got it from her captain when he sailed around the horn

Bringing gifts from China to their Oklahoma home

There were fancy silks and carved wood chests from the places he had gone

She kept them all until she died but this was her favorite one

Just a little box all covered with blossoms white as snow

Chinese red and made of brass that he gave her long ago

Like the red dirt Oklahoma hills and the springtime flowering trees

That she kept with all the love they shared inside her memories

She kept it on her dresser filled with gold and silver rings

Necklaces of turquoise beads and other things

It filled her heart with the mystery and the magic of the day

When he gave it to her for her own in his quiet loving way

Ten years they spent together heíd come home and then heíd leave

And one day while she waited he disappeared at sea

No one knew how sheíd call his name to the silent rocks and stones

Or how sheíd sit and hold that little box so she would not feel alone


She never was a dancer or wrote a fancy line

The treasures of her life were the things she left behind

They buried her without them where the prairie grasses grow

In China or a womanís heart there are places no one knows


They buried her without them where the prairie grasses grow

In China or a womanís heart there are places no one knows

© 1984 Another Sundown Publishing Company

See Here, She Said

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

The sun is sinking in the sea

as she sings my life for me

A tapestry of childrenís smiles

wrapped in memories and miles

Youíd better do the things you dream

see here, she said, you know it seems

That children grow and lovers sleep

and the time thatís left is yours to keep

Her song rises like the wave

then falls and takes me far away

A sorceress on hammered keys

her fingers play my destiny

See here, she said, you must believe

see here, she said, look at your dreams

ĎCause children grow and lovers sleep

and the time thatís left is yours to keep

It tears from her like a cry

then soothes me like a lullaby

I can see her sing through half closed eyes

see here, she said, dreams never lie

My dreams are visions on the wind

and places I have never been

Pictures only I can see

songs that sleep inside of me

See here, she said, you must believe

see here, she said, look at your dreams

ĎCause children grow and lovers sleep

and the time thatís left is yours to keep

© 1982 Another Sundown Publishing Company

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