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If you are interested in recording one of Kate's songs, please visit the Another Sundown Publishing Company page on this site.  It is a simple process, requiring only a mechanical license.


Kate Wolf Song Covers By Other Artists

Many many people have have helped preserve Kate's memory and music by recording her songs.   The list below is a short representation.  If you know of more, please drop us a line.

Bunny Sings Wolf recorded Back Roads on her album Sacred Ground; The Lilac The Apple, Eyes of a Painter, and Old Jerome on her album Buffalo Tales; and These Times
We're Living In
and Give Yourself to Love on her album White Haired Sunrise. Visit her website at www.bunnysingswolf.com.

Nanci Griffith recorded Across The Great Divide on her album Other Voices/Other Rooms. Here are a couple pages from one of several Nanci sites.
Other Voices/Other Rooms: liner notes Nanci discusses, among other things, her reasons for recording Kate's song.
Other Voices/Other Rooms: information about the album

Laurie McClain recorded fourteen of Kate's songs on a tribute album called The Trumpet Vine.  Visit her website at www.LaurieMcClain.com/.

WayStation recorded Like A River on their album Looking For Love.   WWW Page

Lorin Grean recorded Brother Warrior on her album The Call.
WWW Page

Rick & Lorraine Lee recorded Sweet Love and 4th Rate Romance on their album Contrasts.

Christopher Westfall recorded Give Yourself To Love on his album Kindred Spiritscwestfa@mail.burlco.lib.nj.us  

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