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A Wedding Song
Every year, Kate's family receives requests from couples who wish to use Give Yourself To Love at their weddings.  Our reply: by all means...go ahead!
And if you would like to use it, you don't even need to contact us unless you need sheet music.
But sign our guest book anyway: we'd still like to hear about it!

Copyright Notice
Give Yourself To Love
Words & Music by

Kate Wolf
1982 Another Sundown Publishing Company (BMI)

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Give Yourself To Love
Kate Wolf, 1982

      Give yourself to love
            if love is what you're after
      Open up your heart
            to the tears and laughter
      And give yourself to love,
            give yourself to love.

"Altogether, Kate Wolf wrote close to 200 songs, and recorded 60. Without doubt, the most beloved of that group is "Give Yourself to Love," a gentle tune about conquering fear of intimacy and opening up the heart."
- Edward Guthmann
San Francisco Chronicle, 1987

"She wrote it for two good friends on the afternoon of their wedding in Nevada City. She was supposed to sing a couple Bob Dylan tunes, but she had a couple hours to kill before the wedding so she went into a bedroom with her guitar, closed the door and just churned it out in a couple hours. She sang it at the ceremony, and her friend Nadine who was getting married cried. The minister cried. And Kate cried. She started doing the song in concerts, and immediately got requests from people to sing 'Give Yourself to Love' at their weddings."
- Max Wolf, 1987


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Listen to an excerpt from Give Yourself To Love from the video An Evening In Austin!
  Give Yourself To Love  Time: 0:23



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