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Jenny Wind
Words & Music by

Kate Wolf
1977 Another Sundown Publishing Company (BMI)

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Jenny Wind
Kate Wolf, 1977

    And I believe her soul flies free
        and it cares for the weary and the lost
    In the forest deep and quiet
        all around the grave of Jenny Wind

Never released on a Kate Wolf album, this song is an early example of Kate's interest in the Native American way of life.  Related songs are Brother Warrior, Medicine Wheel, and Shadow Of A Life.

Here is an excerpt from a concert in which Kate introduces Jenny Wind.
"I'd like to tell you a story. It's a true story that happened to a friend of mine. He said, 'I was walking one time in the Placer County hills and it was dusk and I got lost. In cutting across country I stumbled on an Indian grave with a marble headstone, a very old one. It was a woman's grave, and they had given her an English name: Jenny Wind. She was out there all by herself.' Then he said he got kind of apprehensive, and sat there a while. When it started to get dark he left the grave. He just sort of hurried away, and he was out in the woods when he suddenly realized that not only was it dark, but that his eyeglasses had fallen off and he didn't know where they were and he couldn't see. So he started looking in the forest and finally started to backtrack toward the grave. And when he got back to the grave, he found them folded very neatly lying right on the mound. And he doesn't know how they got there. And while my friend Auggie was telling me this story I got to thinking about the Indians in California when the white men came. How they were so free and all of a sudden there were fences and there were buildings and there were clothes."

Listen to an excerpt from Jenny Wind from Owl Productions Archive Recording #120, recorded at The Julie Morgan Center in Berkeley, California, on September 13, 1981.
  Jenny Wind  Time: :56


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