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Copyright Notice
Midnight Flyer
Words & Music by

Kate Wolf
1977 Another Sundown Publishing Company (BMI)

Kate Wolf Song Page:
Midnight Flyer

Here's another song that Kate wrote about the Sonoma County area where her career began.  She wrote Midnight Flyer just before releasing her second album.

      Here comes the midnight flyer
            set your watches by her
      Wheels rolling
            coming in on time
      No one pays her no mind
            no one hears her crying
      'Cept some old man
            bumming down the line

Kate said the following in concert about Midnight Flyer
"When I lived in Santa Rosa there were train tracks that ran behind the house on the back of our three acres.  And sometimes I'd be out in my office late at night or lying in bed...I'd hear the train whistle come through town. And I just made up this song for the train whistle.  Don used to play this on the harmonica; he would do a train whistle.  That was the whole point: you'd play it so the train comes in and it's real loud, and then it starts to get softer and it goes away.  And you'd play it 'til it's gone. And then you hear the train whistle.  I've always liked the image of the train coming through, 'cause it comes through with such an energy rush and then it's gone.  Out in the back of our property was this old hobo jungle that existed during the Thirties.  That's how come I thought of a guy sitting there.  Like nobody ever heard the train but the people who needed it."  -Kate Wolf
(Reprinted from Kate Wolf Revisited, Songs Volume 2.)

Listen to a complete recording of Midnight Flyer from Owl Productions Archive Tape #1086, recorded for a marathon at KPFA FM Radio in Berkeley, California, on March 1, 1981.  Kate is accompanied by Nina Gerber.
  MP3 Kate Wolf introducing Midnight Flyer  Time: 0:48
  MP3 Midnight Flyer Time: 3:30


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