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Midnight Star
Words & Music by

Kate Wolf
1979 Another Sundown Publishing Company (BMI)

Kate Wolf Song Page:
Midnight Star (A Christmas Star)

Kate was always fond of Christmas, and had hoped to release a holiday album some day.  Midnight Star and Peace Carol would both have figured prominently on such an album.  Fortunately, we can still hear Midnight Star here.

      Let me tell you a story
            it happened long ago
      When the pines were dancing in the wind
            on the Mendocino shore
      The town lights were blazing
            there were parties everywhere
      It was Christmas Eve
            And joy was in the air

Kate talks about Midnight Star  Time: 0:53

Listen to an excerpt of Midnight Star from Owl Productions Archive Tape #102, recorded at the Palms Playhouse in Davis, California, on December 18, 1982.
  Midnight Star (A Christmas Star) Time: 0:25


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This Song Appears On:
icn_cd.gif (1534 bytes) Kate Wolf Revisited
Songs Volume 2

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