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The Minstrel
Words & Music by

Kate Wolf
1983 Another Sundown Publishing Company (BMI)

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The Minstrel
Kate Wolf, 1983

    Won't you play that tune
        that held me in those days
    When I was singing to myself
        and you had gone away

In The Minstrel, Kate reminisces about one of many fellow songwriters who encouraged and inspired her.  Be sure to listen to her introduction below.

Here is Kate introducing The Minstrel in concert.
  Kate Wolf Introducing The Minstrel  Time: 1:53

Listen to an excerpt of The Minstrel from the album Weaver Of Visions.
  The Minstrel  Time: 0:31


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This Song Appears On:
icn_cd.gif (1534 bytes) Kate Wolf
Weaver Of Visions
icn_cd.gif (1534 bytes) Kate Wolf Revisited
Songs Volume 2

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