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Copyright Notice
Peace Carol
Words & Music by

Kate Wolf
1983 Another Sundown Publishing Company (BMI)

Kate Wolf Song Page:
Peace Carol

Kate was always fond of Christmas, and had hoped to release a holiday album some day.  Midnight Star and Peace Carol would both have figured prominently on such an album.  Fortunately, we can still hear Peace Carol here.

      And now the carols
            have all been sung
      The presents passed from hand to hand
            the wrappings all undone
      The children play like children everywhere
            they just want to live
      But it's not what we have
            it's what we give
      Christmas time reminds us
            another year has come and gone
            and now we must carry on

Kate said the following in concert about Peace Carol
"Nina challenged me to write another Christmas song. So I sat down the other day and thought about the issues, which for me this year are really peace. World peace and personal peace and peacefulness and you know those things around that. That is not to say without dynamics. Peace is of course a polarity. And you go through those periods of war whether it's an inner was or an energy thing. It doesn't have to be annihilation. But when you come down to the peace it's well earned, well deserved and well loved. It's not anesthetizing and just becoming this bland everything."  -Kate Wolf
(Reprinted from Kate Wolf Revisited, Songs Volume 2.)

Listen to an excerpt of Peace Carol from Owl Productions Archive Tape #310, recorded at KPFA FM Radio in Berkeley, California, on Christmas Day, 1983.   The show was Across The Great Divide, hosted by Robbie Osman.  Kate is accompanied by Nina Gerber.
  MP3 Peace Carol Time: 1:38


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