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This program was originally recorded for and broadcast on a community access cable channel using free studio facilities. Selling such recordings as commercial products would be an abuse of the free service. However, it is permitted to make copies of such shows, and to charge for copying costs. So $7.83 is based on Owl's costs to produce a limited number of videos. And since Owl Productions isn't making any money on this, we like to think of it as a gift to Kate's fans. Enjoy!

video2.jpg (9306 bytes)Kate Wolf
Here In California
Studio Video
With Nina Gerber and Rick Byars
  • 28 Minutes
  • Hi-Fi Mono
  • Color
  • Lyric Booklet
  • Available in VHS and PAL VHS

In the Seventies, Kate re-launched the folk music movement in Sonoma County and Northern California by establishing new folk festivals and other music events. She was also a constant presence on radio with her own folk shows. With the advent of community access to cable broadcasting in the Eighties, Kate set her sights on video. Marin's cable company aired a show called Showcase 11 featuring local artists. Kate appeared on the show, and subsequently brought back her musical friends for more performances.

Kate's family was delighted to find a master to a show Kate recorded on May 16, 1980. Coming in the middle of her career, this performance shows Kate firmly established as a popular singer/songwriter, but before her audience expanded from local to national. She had just signed with, and released her first album on, Kaleidoscope Records after producing two albums for her own Owl Records label. Here In California features seven songs from those initial three albums. All were written by Kate except The Redtail Hawk, with which she closed virtually all of her performances. (This is also the only song that appears on our other video, An Evening In Austin.)

Kate is accompanied by Nina Gerber on lead guitar, mandolin, and harmonica. Nina played with Kate for most of her career, and continues to be involved in Kate's music today. On bass and harmony vocals is Rick Byars, who performed with Kate early in her career. This video is also a rare chance to see Kate playing piano (as well as guitar), often logistically difficult in concerts.

Those of you who haven't seen An Evening In Austin are in for a treat: we've included the entire performance of Like A River at the end of the video. This excerpt from the 1985 concert video shows how much Kate – and also Nina Gerber – developed in five years. While Here In California doesn't have the glossy PBS production values of An Evening In Austin, we think you'll enjoy watching Kate perform at an important crossroads in her career.

I Never Knew My Father
Sweet Love
You're Not Standing
Like You Used To
Two-Way Waltz
Looking Back At You
The Redtail Hawk

All songs written by Kate Wolf and published by Another Sundown Publishing Co. (BMI) except The Redtail Hawk.

Kate Wolf   vocals, guitar, piano
Nina Gerber   guitar, mandolin, harmonica
Rick Byars   harmony vocals, electric bass

Studio Recording Credits
May 1980
Produced by Peter Rafalow
Recorded in Marin County
A production of Marin 11. Copyright 1980 Viacom Cablevision

Videocassette Release Credits
Produced by Max Wolf
Package graphics by Max Wolf
Copyright 1996 Owl Productions
Catalog Number: OWL-007
ISBN 0-9618706-6-4

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